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                                                              DMC GLOBAL ENTERPRISES LLC

                                                                           132 Bella Vista Lane

                                                                         Mehoopany, PA.  18629

                                                      Office 570-712-2727             Cell 570-690-8730

 We offer a one stop shop we offer more than your average contractor.

Yes, we build tiny and small homes but at DMC Global Enterprises LLC, we offer a one stop home buying Experience that no one else even offers to home buyers in today’s world.

Tired of high cost of living like high mortgages, home Insurance, Electric, costly repairs now Just think if you were to downsize the money you could save.

We deal with many companies and we can help you with the following:

                                           1) Realter companies

                                           2) Mortgage Companies

                                           3) Reverse Mortgage companies

                                           4) Home Insurance companies

                                           5) Home warranty companies

                                           6) Landscaping Companies

                                          And the list goes on.

Just ask how we can help you to get into your dream home.

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